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What we want

We want security and freedom for people, to safeguard their physical, psychological and economic wellbeing. We want to be able to live with the new coronavirus.

Health and the economy seem currently in conflict with each other. This conflict can be resolved, if there is widespread, regular testing of people. This does not happen at present, because the capacity to do this is not sufficient.

This is why we are campaigning for systematic random testing across the board, so that

  • individuals and the economy can live and function with COVID-19
  • insight can be gained in the effectiveness of current and future policy measures

We need your help

to convince public opinion, the media and policy makers that such a programme is crucial to simultaneously meet public health requirements and allow normal economic and social activity, as long as the COVID-19 pandemic has not been conquered.

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Why testing? Experts explain.

Blick | Interview mit Ökonom Ernst Fehr: «Wir müssen jetzt ­repräsentativ testen, um fundierte Entscheidungen zu treffen.»

Behavioral Economist Matthias Sutter explains why he supports our initiative.
Koen Smets (Organization Development Professional und Adj. Asst. Prof., Saint Louis University)

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