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David MerwinUnited States2022-01-10 00:48:42
Ferdinand von SiemensGermany2021-05-17 07:18:35

Because we need better information to make the right decisions.

Hide-Fumi YokooJapan2021-03-18 09:12:39
Konstantin BenzSwitzerland2021-03-08 18:22:17
Leon BostGermany2021-02-27 21:25:03
André RuckstuhlSwitzerland2021-02-27 12:50:35

Find a way out of lockdowns into normal life with systematic testing where necessary.

Joshua GreubelGermany2021-02-27 11:51:29

...this is how to tackle the information problem part of the pandemic.

Konstantin WackerAustria2020-12-05 20:07:51
Burkhard NobbeGermany2020-12-10 11:45:07

Corona is problem which one has to solve globally, not locally

Anatol ReiboldGermany2020-11-24 17:08:39
Ulrike MoselGermany2020-11-18 05:55:38
Elias DahlhausGermany2020-11-17 23:17:34
Michal BauerCzech Republic2020-11-02 20:05:19
Florian Dr. FollertGermany2020-11-01 11:20:39

because we need evidence-based political decision-making!

Andrés LutherSwitzerland2020-10-28 22:01:39

Transparency creates accountability and forces action.

Kai DuttleGermany2020-10-27 18:54:58

I support this petition because we need to live with and understand the virus, have a stable and reliable monitoring, as soon a possible. We need to stop firefighting and start managing.

Ana BrandtSpain2020-10-28 05:29:22
Gerold RiedmannAustria2020-10-26 21:07:53

Gather knowledge about what's unknown today - that's what an extensive testing strategy can do for our society.

Martin HuberSwitzerland2020-10-27 15:02:32
Reto LippSwitzerland2020-10-26 17:07:56

Testing is the best protection for our health but also for important parts of the economy

Thomas GartenmannSwitzerland2020-10-26 15:08:14

For informed decisions in the Covid pandemic we need unbiased, reliable data - this petition is providing the necessary platform!

Ola MahmoudSwitzerland2020-10-26 09:34:42
Marina SchröderGermany2020-10-26 09:33:09

Insights from randomized testing are needed to make good decisions

Stefanie MoserSwitzerland2020-10-26 08:14:05

...because transparent facts support an objective dialogue.

Andreas HerrmannSwitzerland2020-10-26 08:14:30

We need to balance economic concerns and health issues

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