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Gerold RiedmannAustria2020-10-26 21:07:53

Gather knowledge about what's unknown today - that's what an extensive testing strategy can do for our society.

Reto LippSwitzerland2020-10-26 17:07:56

Testing is the best protection for our health but also for important parts of the economy

Thomas GartenmannSwitzerland2020-10-26 15:08:14

For informed decisions in the Covid pandemic we need unbiased, reliable data - this petition is providing the necessary platform!

Ola MahmoudSwitzerland2020-10-26 09:34:42
Marina SchröderGermany2020-10-26 09:33:09

Insights from randomized testing are needed to make good decisions

Stefanie MoserSwitzerland2020-10-26 08:14:05

...because transparent facts support an objective dialogue.

Andreas HerrmannSwitzerland2020-10-26 08:14:30

We need to balance economic concerns and health issues

Birgit MeyerAustria2020-10-26 12:04:16
Nicola CamponovoSwitzerland2020-10-26 06:09:39

I support experimentality and the idea of generalized testing as a main countermeasure for covid. It worked in several countries of a size comparable to that of Switzerland.

Leopold FaltinAustria2020-10-24 08:34:35

...its just obvious what needs to be done!

Jochen WenzelmannGermany2020-10-24 08:29:32

Because (randomized) testing can vastly influence the severity of the pandemic.

Marcin PabianPoland2020-10-24 20:14:08
Piet HenselGermany2020-10-24 06:37:10
Johannes HohenauerAustria2020-10-23 19:37:18

We need to know, in order to navigate this pandemic

Thomas HuberFrance2020-10-22 09:52:44
Anjali Raja BeharelleSwitzerland2020-10-19 11:41:21

To improve our understanding of infection and immunity rates, and to allow more freedom for individuals based on the knowledge of whether they are infected.

Florian SteinruckGermany2020-10-15 14:24:27
Petra GrundmeierGermany2020-10-11 08:42:48

Tests sind das elementare Handwerkszeug, um die Pandemie in ihrer Ausbreitung zu stoppen ! Daher sind Selbsttests wichtig, die für jedermann schnell durchführbar sind und zur Verfügung stehen sollten !!

Anna StrumiaItaly2020-10-09 16:21:41

testing is the only way to stop the virus

Eric SpurlinoUnited States2020-10-09 14:20:39
Philippe MorathSwitzerland2020-10-09 09:15:02

We are flying in the blind and not willing to learn. Basing our policy on hope and the availableness of vaccines doesn't work and has too big of human price.

Peter NemschakAustria2020-10-01 06:32:18

In order to combat Covid - 19 as effectively as possible.

Inas KellyUnited States2020-09-22 17:04:39

As a health economist, I believe the steps outlined will help combat the coronavirus effectively, based on sound research.

Prachi JainUnited States2020-09-22 16:54:13
Job HarmsNetherlands2020-09-23 06:51:30

Large scale testing is crucial to effectively fighting COVID-19

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