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Gerhard RieweGermany2020-05-05 21:29:10

Knowledge ist Power!

Radosław ZyzikPoland2020-05-05 21:18:36

Massive random testing will help us understand and fight #covid19.

Stephan RattAustria2020-05-06 04:36:29

It is important!!!

Martin WiesfleckerAustria2020-05-06 17:54:43


Maria WiesfleckerAustria2020-05-06 17:53:14


Michael PutzAustria2020-05-05 15:38:58

Because testing is the only chance to make an often not visible virus visible and being able to fight it.

Daniela EbnerAustria2020-05-05 15:16:09
Gertrude SadjiAustria2020-05-05 14:49:39

absolutely necessary

Gerald LoackerAustria2020-05-05 14:32:10

Without profound data we are flying blind. Massive testing will enable physician, epidemiologists and politicians with the data base they need for clever decisions.

Andrea PitzschkeAustria2020-05-05 14:05:26
Christian HelmensteinAustria2020-05-05 13:48:54
Esther-Mirjam de BoerSwitzerland2020-05-05 13:35:58

we need sound data on infection spread and dynamics in order to finetune containment measures that minimize socio-economical impact while protecting the public health system and individual impact on health.

Rahul Sen GuptaSwitzerland2020-05-05 13:23:50

because I want to live in a safer world.

Michael KrammerAustria2020-05-05 12:29:24

weil testen die wichtigste Grundlage für Entscheidungen zum Hochfahren der Wirtschaft darstellt!

Wieland MüllerAustria2020-05-05 11:03:51
Alexis JohannAustria2020-05-05 10:40:01

We need more evidence to support our decision making, if we want to build a better future!

Achim FeigeAustria2020-05-05 09:24:45

I support this petition because it enables us to live in freedom AND safety.

Rupert SausgruberAustria2020-05-05 08:22:58

We need sufficient information for effective disease control. Governments should do more to provide this important public good.

Andreas KornprobstAustria2020-05-10 13:51:43

We will lose the battle against COVID-19 (and other pandemics) if do not start to create reliable data.

Astrid FurrerSwitzerland2020-05-08 13:16:04

Knowledge is one of the keys to combat COVID-19

Stefan BollschweilerAustria2020-05-05 07:53:24

We need a change in our ethic life and civilisation on this planet

Johannes ÖhlböckAustria2020-05-05 04:46:58

... because it has to be done.

Klaus BiermannSwitzerland2020-05-05 04:30:14
Thomas SchirmerAustria2020-05-04 21:49:18

I support this petition because current political decisions rapidly need to be based on scientific data, which we are all still lacking!

Lukas ZeinlerAustria2020-05-04 21:07:48

I support this petition, because testing is our window onto the global pandemic and crucial for understanding how it‘s spreading!

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