Why testing?

Voices of experts in science, business and life

Felix Graf, CEO at NZZ Mediengruppe

Gudrun Sander, Adjunct Professor of Business Administration with special emphasis on Diversity Management at University of St. Gallen

Lars Maydell, International Executive Coach

Nina Mazar, Professor of Marketing and Co-Director Susilo Institute for Ethics in the Global Economy

Matthias Mölleney, Founder and Managing Partner at peopleXpert

Michael Kramarsch, Advisor, Founder, Investor – Managing Partner hkp/// group

Marie-Claire Villeval, Research Professor, CNRS, GATE (CNRS – University of Lyon)

Jacqueline Eder, Business law student at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Benedikt Öschger, Climate Activist

Erich Kirchler, Professor at University of Vienna, Faculty of Psychology

Martin Kocher, Director, Institute for Advanced Studies, Professor of Economics, University of Vienna

Ernst Fehr, Professor of Economics, Director of the UBS Center for Economics in Society