Why testing?

Voices of experts in science, business and life

Dominic Täubert, Student and Former President of the Youth Parliament Canton of Zurich

Dan Ariely, Professor of Behavioral Economics and Psychology at Duke University

Patricia Kellerhals, CEO Monvia Gesundheitszentrum AG

Alain Trannoy, Research Director at EHESS Paris (School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences)

Reto Blum, Founder & CEO Human Decision Design GmbH, Owner Decision Architect Reto Blum

Jonas Dovern, Economist

Esther-Mirjam de Boer, Owner and CEO at GetDiversity GmbH

Robert Misik, Austrian journalist and author

Gerhard Fehr, Behavioral Designer and CEO FehrAdvice & Partners AG

Koen Smets (Organization Development Professional und Adj. Asst. Prof., Saint Louis University)

Matthias Sutter, Behavioral Economist

Christian Fichter, Head of Research & Development at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences