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Günter Dr. VollGermany2020-08-07 06:50:23

TestTheWorld.org's four demands are most justified and urgent from my point of view.

Marcus HentschelGermany2020-08-04 15:40:47

We need more Information about the infection situation in order to deduce the right and focussed measures.

Samuel BisigSwitzerland2020-08-03 19:29:00

scientific reasoning and evidence

Lukas WengerSwitzerland2020-08-03 19:33:07

More testing is important, but also more comparability globally on how the tests are performed, on how data is collected and interpreted and what humanity should learn about that crisis – it's a joint effort

Tim BieriSwitzerland2020-08-03 13:32:31

I support this petition because I want to live a normal life in these times without much restrictions to my life. With this petition we can match public health with economic wealth.

Jan E. AnkerBelgium2020-08-03 12:25:03

I am supporting this initiative since I believe that massive testing of the population is a good strategy to avoid an uncontrolled spreading of the virus. It is better to identify the infected and isolate them than locking down a whole country. As we had the lockdown, I was surprised how slowly the rate of infections was reduced. If we would have been able to test the whole population in hot-spots every three days over two weeks, I believe that we could have identified the infected and rapidly reduced the number of new infections. If we want to keep the reproduction rate of the virus below 1, testing will help, since we will be able to identify the infected, isolate them and thereby avoid that the infected persons spread the virus.

Thorsten GremmingerGermany2020-08-03 10:06:50

Widespread infection testing AND immunity testing is urgently neccessary to gain better knowledge about infection chains. Goal is to live with the virus, not to shut down economy globally and destroying social interaction completely!

Adrian AckeretSwitzerland2020-08-03 09:10:10

Evidence and agile decision-making create the trust necessary for effective social behavior to emerge

Nicole ZeidelhackSwitzerland2020-08-03 07:53:27

Widespread testing is essential in order to get the virus under control and make the world a better place to live again.

Gerhard NiessleinSwitzerland2020-08-03 07:59:15
Hans Rudolf BrunnerSwitzerland2020-08-03 19:21:24

Because I agree that testing is important

Gabi BenderGermany2020-08-03 06:48:25

Everyone can be Protesten and no lock down is necessary....

Vladimir J RottSwitzerland2020-08-03 06:41:08
Peter MoebiusSwitzerland2020-08-07 12:09:18

Making mass testing available in an easy to use, non-buraucratic way is the best and easiest way to get to the facts.

Isy M. Hirn-GremmingerGermany2020-08-03 05:12:35

We need more different ways, more different opinions, more different scientist - who will be heard.

Steffen WünschGermany2020-08-03 04:46:37
Beat C. TrutmannSwitzerland2020-08-02 16:28:34

Massive testing as a base for more informed decisions!

Pierre KOHLERSwitzerland2020-08-02 16:12:31

Because I have already in March 2020 defended the thesis that we will not be able to stop the pandemic if we do not know who is contagious. It like in any fight: you need to gather and verify information about your adversary and act as much as possible based on facts.

Ela Hornung-IchikawaAustria2020-07-29 13:18:20
Susanna FrechAustria2020-07-29 11:01:32

If we want to effectively compete pandemia we need a globally agreed and implemented approach

Vera CimpeanuRomania2020-07-28 13:43:44
Ralf KOMORGermany2020-07-28 07:45:39

... test, test, test!

Marita SchultzeSwitzerland2020-07-28 07:57:39

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Frank LammertGermany2020-07-27 19:32:00
Albert PoustkaGermany2020-07-27 13:19:43

Its the only logic way to kill this virus, and the ones yet to come. Please get in conctact with Prof Hans Lehrach who needs funding to setup the pipline for mass testing at a cost of a dollar or less per test.

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