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Hans-Jürgen SalchowGermany2020-06-13 13:47:26

because the world needs this data for rational and efficient decisions

Fabio FetterPortugal2020-06-13 10:24:58
Jorge EstevesSaudi Arabia2020-06-13 07:51:20
Bruno CamposPortugal2020-06-12 21:54:38
Pedro EscudeiroPortugal2020-06-12 21:44:19

Because we need to be able to live our lives despite de existence of this virus and the best way is to identify the appropriate procedures for each one of us

Niklas TreppnerGermany2020-06-10 12:28:46
George FankhauserSwitzerland2020-06-09 08:19:17

We must not miss the opportunity of testing while there are still ongoing transmissions. Otherwise it's back to the lab...

Thomas SchrottAustria2020-06-08 10:56:22

The more we know, the better we are in fighting the disease!

Mark BroichUnited States2020-06-07 00:46:39

help protect vulnerable populations

Jane SpaldingUnited States2020-06-06 15:49:37

Inadequate testing is synonymous with no hope of any meaningful control of covid-19 until there is a vaccine. Hence, at this time, testing and the data it produces is absolutely key.

Susanna SzelyesSwitzerland2020-06-06 05:11:57

I believe in Behavioral Economics 😉

Irene PollakAustria2020-06-05 14:16:38
Sylvia HilkenUnited Kingdom2020-06-05 11:21:10

because it is the obvious way to defeat this ongoing threat

Joanna HolmesUnited Kingdom2020-06-05 10:23:41
Brigitte SchelzGermany2020-06-05 08:29:22
Angela NitscheSwitzerland2020-06-05 06:14:45

medical sicentific intrest

Daniel KellerhalsSwitzerland2020-06-04 20:18:33

Testing is key element in the search for a better understanding of the pandemic and possible treatments.

David HagmannUnited States2020-06-04 18:55:29
Caroline KellerhalsSwitzerland2020-06-05 07:56:13
Daniel HablützelSwitzerland2020-06-04 16:21:47
Florian SpitzerAustria2020-06-04 10:54:47

We need more evidence and better data to develop effective and efficient measures against the spread of the virus. Behavioral and experimental approaches should be part of an interdisciplinary effort against Covid-19.

Nicolas FuggerGermany2020-06-04 07:48:45

Randomized testing will provide crucial insights.

Peter CramtonUnited States2020-06-04 01:11:11

Widespread testing, contact tracing, and scientific understanding are essential in managing the pandemic before a vaccine is available on a global basis.

Rudolf GroggerAustria2020-06-05 22:27:31


Guntram LippnigAustria2020-06-03 15:15:05
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