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Gerhard NiessleinSwitzerland2020-08-03 07:59:15
Hans Rudolf BrunnerSwitzerland2020-08-03 19:21:24

Because I agree that testing is important

Gabi BenderGermany2020-08-03 06:48:25

Everyone can be Protesten and no lock down is necessary....

Vladimir J RottSwitzerland2020-08-03 06:41:08
Peter MoebiusSwitzerland2020-08-07 12:09:18

Making mass testing available in an easy to use, non-buraucratic way is the best and easiest way to get to the facts.

Isy M. Hirn-GremmingerGermany2020-08-03 05:12:35

We need more different ways, more different opinions, more different scientist - who will be heard.

Steffen WünschGermany2020-08-03 04:46:37
Beat C. TrutmannSwitzerland2020-08-02 16:28:34

Massive testing as a base for more informed decisions!

Pierre KOHLERSwitzerland2020-08-02 16:12:31

Because I have already in March 2020 defended the thesis that we will not be able to stop the pandemic if we do not know who is contagious. It like in any fight: you need to gather and verify information about your adversary and act as much as possible based on facts.

Ela Hornung-IchikawaAustria2020-07-29 13:18:20
Susanna FrechAustria2020-07-29 11:01:32

If we want to effectively compete pandemia we need a globally agreed and implemented approach

Vera CimpeanuRomania2020-07-28 13:43:44
Ralf KOMORGermany2020-07-28 07:45:39

... test, test, test!

Marita SchultzeSwitzerland2020-07-28 07:57:39

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Frank LammertGermany2020-07-27 19:32:00
Albert PoustkaGermany2020-07-27 13:19:43

Its the only logic way to kill this virus, and the ones yet to come. Please get in conctact with Prof Hans Lehrach who needs funding to setup the pipline for mass testing at a cost of a dollar or less per test.

Charity Scott StokesGermany2020-07-27 12:51:12

I support this petition in order to increase the number of people able to benefit from optimal health care and economic recovery

Sven GehrkeGermany2020-07-27 12:34:21

Current Sars-Cov-2 testing strategies are insufficient due to the high rate of false negative results (up to 30%). Moreover, cross contamination of clinical samples is a major problem in emerging and developing countries. Therefore, future strategies should focus on cost-effective, high-sensitiv, and easy-to-handle diagnostic procedures. Otherwise the global fight will be lost.

Sebastian Meier-EwertGermany2020-07-27 07:13:33

It's very important socially and economically to end this pandemic as fast as possible and to learn from it for the future. Regular testing and isolation is not only strategy that is guarateed to work, it is also the cheapest.

Peter WesterheideGermany2020-07-26 21:29:57
ANNE SAHLGermany2020-07-27 05:22:55

DANKE für Ihre intelligente Initiative.
Hoffen wir, die Politik lässt sich davon überzeugen.

Stefan Prof. Dr. HertwigGermany2020-07-26 13:33:00

because testing is the only promising strategy against COVID-19.

Dirk MertensGermany2020-07-26 11:51:35

Regelmäßige, flächendeckende Tests mit der Unterbrechung der Infektionsketten und der Islolierung der Risikogruppen wären von Beginn an die bessere Methode als der Lock Down gewesen. Wir werden uns daran gewöhnen müssen, mit dem Virus zu leben und nur regelmäßige Testungen der Bevölkerung lassen ein normaleres Leben zu.

Dr. Sylke LützenkirchenGermany2020-07-26 09:08:32

Nur flächendeckende, zeitgleiche Testungen können eine nachhaltige Lösung sein.

Dr. Sylke LützenkirchenGermany2020-07-26 11:27:12

Nur flächendeckende, zeitgleiche Testungen können eine nachhaltige Lösung sein.

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