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Paul RomerUnited States2020-06-26 14:11:39

If we knew who is infected with this virus today, we could isolate them and bring the pandemic to a screeching halt. Let's get that information!

Mette RotbøllSwitzerland2020-06-28 09:49:17

Because we can only do this together!

Silvia PetzAustria2020-06-22 17:03:19
Uwe DulleckAustralia2020-06-22 19:35:03

We still know too little about the virus, this data will allow us to better understand how the virus spreads and how it affects us. Without that information it will be difficult to develop policies and interventions that allow us to live with and finally overcome the virus in our societies. With the data we can find and evaluate medical, technical, behavioural and economic solutions to limit and overcome the effect the virus has on our lives.

Georg RosenthalGermany2020-06-22 14:08:35

Because testing it's fundamental in the battle against covid 19.

Flavio WillimannSwitzerland2020-06-22 12:13:46

Science can contribute more than just virology!

Sunnie GroeneveldSwitzerland2020-06-22 10:14:11
susanna filzwieserAustria2020-06-22 11:23:43
Wolfgang SinzAustria2020-06-22 07:28:35
Peter MohrGermany2020-06-20 19:11:22

Many people think the pandemic is over. Large scale testing will contantly remind people to be careful, wear masks, and keep distance.

Paul WohlfarthUnited Kingdom2020-06-20 18:25:52

Because ultimately we can only contain covid globally not locally. Previous pandemics have shown this. Our capacity to test and develop treatments/ vaccines will also increase if collaborate globally. Let‘s fight this together and not one another!

Johannes LohseUnited Kingdom2020-06-20 17:54:47

Reasonable proposal

Christian DeckerGermany2020-06-20 17:21:26

With so many asymptomatic cases, who can still infect others, containment will not be sustainable without large-scale testing.

cristina muggiascaSwitzerland2020-06-17 11:51:51
Aniol Llorente SaguerUnited Kingdom2020-06-17 10:14:19
Jens EberhardtGermany2020-06-17 08:06:50
Jürgen GoldmannGermany2020-06-16 17:18:02

to prevent a second lock-down.

Tatiana KornienkoUnited Kingdom2020-06-16 11:47:19
Ismael Escudeiro DuartePortugal2020-06-16 06:59:05


Linfeng LiUnited States2020-06-15 20:52:39
Helmut MüssenerSweden2020-06-15 17:19:10
Marco PellicciaUnited Kingdom2020-06-15 17:07:50
Mathijs JanssenGermany2020-06-15 15:10:49
esma kocaUnited Kingdom2020-06-15 14:30:41

because it makes economic sense!

Hans-Jürgen SalchowGermany2020-06-13 13:47:26

because the world needs this data for rational and efficient decisions

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