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Andrea BättigSwitzerland2020-07-08 15:03:54

It is a way to control this pandemic.

Dittmar JurkoGermany2020-07-08 09:55:27

Because there is no alternative to testing widly in order to cope with the covid-daher

Veit DenglerSwitzerland2020-07-07 07:18:40

Because it’s the only policy currently that can suppress Covid until better treatments and vaccines are available.

Patrick PoikAustria2020-07-06 13:30:42
Helmut JelemAustria2020-07-04 06:33:21

Look forward, don't lock down! This may go on for a long time.

Marc RieweGermany2020-07-03 12:02:40
Nico WaschkowskiGermany2020-07-03 10:05:57

It’s the only way

Helmut Fink-NeuböckAustria2020-07-03 08:51:15

Plausible argumentation and the right cause to support widespread testing by someone who thinks "test, measure, learn" is an agile principle applicable beyond business.

Anna VyazminaAustria2020-06-30 15:39:39

I support the petition because I believe the decisions regarding ways how to manage the pandemic crisis should be more fact-based to allow for minimizing public harm.

Peter van MarwykGermany2020-06-30 06:07:35

We need to get better control on the pandemic

barbara zaunstöckAustria2020-06-29 18:43:08
Alexander Hartl-SchmitzerAustria2020-06-29 15:07:49

because testing globally on a broad scale is crucial!

Robert MaderAustria2020-06-29 07:09:53

We need evidence: right now, but also for future scenarios...

Andrzej RzońcaPoland2020-06-29 05:51:40

We have already paid far too much in terms of human lives as well as unemployment and poverty for lack of mass testing.

Miguel Vázquez CarreroSpain2020-06-28 17:51:44
Garett JonesUnited States2020-06-28 16:08:48

Rapid widespread testing will spur most Covid-positive people to self-isolate for two weeks, slowing the disease dramatically.

William WhiteUnited States2020-06-29 01:28:30
Brian MooreUnited States2020-06-27 01:57:46
Silvan SchriberSwitzerland2020-06-26 20:11:01

We have to do everything to keep the curve flat while minimizing the economic damage.

Nate FaviniUnited States2020-06-26 17:45:03

Asymptomatic spread is fueling the epidemic and contact tracing is failing in the US. We need bolder ideas to move forward.

Huub GelderblomUnited States2020-06-26 17:26:14

Test test test! Test trace isolate quarantine, it's not rocket science. We can do this.

Marc BrütschSwitzerland2020-06-26 15:34:23

Don't bet on the fast medical breakthrough. Better

Erita NarhetaliPoland2020-06-26 15:23:57
Mario MacisUnited States2020-06-26 14:57:42

Test people. Identify cases. Trace their contacts. Test them. Defeat the pandemic.

Paul RomerUnited States2020-06-26 14:11:39

If we knew who is infected with this virus today, we could isolate them and bring the pandemic to a screeching halt. Let's get that information!

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